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Mechatronics is the excellence of complexity. Precision mechanical parts designed and assembled with a high degree of precision and driven by actuators managed through complex and programmable electrical circuits.

By designing and assembling mechatronics, electronics and precision mechanics for our partners and customers, we have carefully selected over the years a 100% Made in Italy production chain, which allows us to industrialize and mass produce solutions of the highest quality and complexity. We have called all this

Precision mechanics

We raise the standards

We are used to say that we love to design simple solutions for complex problems, but the truth is that we best express our multidisciplinary know-how when the challenge we are asked by the customer is the engineering of complex machines based on precision mechanics with electronic management.
It's in this context that creativity merges with technique and logic, creating new, innovative and diversifying solutions. Our goal? Make your project unique, raise the market standard, go further.

Mass production

Our supply chain

If you need to make prototypes or start mass production of your project then you are in the right place. Discover ItalMeccatronica, our 100% Made in Italy production chain that allows you to mass produce mechanical, electromechanical and technological solutions of the highest quality and complexity.

Raise your standards

Innovate by exploiting the full potential and know-how of our group



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Industrial Design
Over 20 years of experience in industrial design and design for work, solutions for mechatronics and reverse engineering applications.
Mechatronics Made in Italy
Made in Italy chain of industrialization and mass production of electronic equipment, precision mechanics and mechatronics.
Ergo Design S.r.l.
Via profondo 16/A, 16155 Genoa, Italy
VAT No. IT03836240105, REA 383.993 GE
Company capital 25,000€

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